WEEE : Definitions

 The producer

Any natural or legal person who:

  • Manufactures and markets EEE under its own name or brand in France
  • Re-sells EEE under its own name or brand
  • Imports or introduces EEE in France in a professional basis
  • established in another country and sells EEE directly to households and / or business users in France via distance communication

The distributor

Any person or entity who, regardless of the distribution technique used (including distance selling), provides EEE commercially to the end user.

The holder

Waste producer or any other person in possession of waste.

Professional WEEE

Professional WEEE comes from EEE that:

  • Are intended for professional use only
  • Not likely to be used by households
  • Are marketed via a distribution circuit inaccessible to households

 Historical WEEE

Any waste from an EEE placed on the market before 13 August 2005.